What is compression therapy?

The idea behind compression therapy is that by increasing blood flow to specific parts of the body, it encourages your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to those areas.  It can speed up recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance.  By increasing blood flow, your circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients and hormones to every cell in your body. Simultaneously, this complex circuit removes metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, effectively flushing your system of toxins.



-Reduces swelling & inflammation

-Decrease muscle fatigue; speed up muscle recovery

-Prevents delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS)

-Relieves muscle pain

-Improves athletic performance

-Removes exercise related wastes, like lactic acid


30 minute & 60 minute sessions available

Train hard.  Recover harder.

We offer the Normatec 2.0 Pulse Pro Full Body System which include the legs, the arms and the hip attachments.  Attachments are used separately, not simultaneously but can do multiple attachments within each session.  Custom duration sessions (30 minute minimum) and package deals available.