One On One Personal Training

    • -30 & 60 Minute Training Sessions

      -A fitness plan customized to help you progress and reach your fitness goal

      -Nutrition planning and guidance provided

      -Training at a private gym or at the comfort of your own home is available

      -Around the clock support to ensure that you reach your goals in and out of the gym

Private Bootcamps/Corporate Fitness Classes

    • -Challenging and fun workouts programmed to challenge individuals and team efforts to make it through together

      -Private Bootcamps

      -Corporate Wellness

      -Special Events

      -Available for small to large classes

Normatec Compression Therapy

-Reduces swelling & inflammation

-Decrease muscle fatigue; speed up muscle recovery

-Prevents delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS)

-Relieves muscle pain

-Improves athletic performance

-Removes exercise related wastes, like lactic acid